Interview with Fashion Blogger Hope Danielle Brennan of Well Dressed Gentlewoman

IFA Fashion Blog

Hope Danielle Brennan is the founder and voice of Well Dressed Gentlewoman, a fashion and beauty blog where she shares her secrets on her extraordinary personal style, makeup how-tos, and unique beauty tricks and tips.  The 20-year-old Long Island native just recently launched her blog in December 2014 and is already making waves due to the public’s crave for original and creative fashion sense.  Besides the blog, she keeps her fans wanting more through Well Dressed Gentlewoman’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages. Be sure to check them out!

Well Dressed Gentlewoman - HopeLucky for us, Hope took time out from updating Well Dressed Gentlewoman to give us insight on her style and blog inspiration, her future as a fashion blogger, and her personal favorite post so far. Keep reading to find out more!

“I am fearless when it comes to fashion and I want the world to know!”

What initially made you want to start…

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