Street Styles of Men’s Couture Week, Paris

As many of us fashion-fanatics know, Paris just recently had its Men’s Couture week from January 21st to January 25th, 2015. Living in Paris, I took the opportunity to pull out my paparazzi skills and document the fabulous street styles outside of shows like Valentino and YProject. These shots include pictures of well-known fashion influences like Shaun Ross, Stromae, and Ali Mahdavi. I also noticed a few trends among all these men, some of which are belted coats with a tucked in scarf, 2 inch brimmed hats (which have barely been worn since after World War II), and the use of men’s purse/handbags. Not bad boys! It seems like men are embracing and showing off their styles more & more and we’re starting to see a lot of it on the streets.


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