Celebrities in the Fashion Industry

IFA Fashion Blog

Is it just me or lately has the fashion industry been allowing celebrities to take the sartorial spotlight away from fashion’s trained elite?  Since the 1980s, celebrities have been the spokesmen for everything, from brand advertising campaigns to something as simple as wearing a couture gown on the red carpet.  They have always been the ultimate representatives for designers, but now it seems like they’re in direct competition with them.

As we have seen in the past, celebrity clothing lines, like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten collection or 6126 by Lindsay Lohan, had their 15-minutes of fame but were never heard of again. Although, there are celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen who have transformed their fame into entirely new careers in fashion and now have very successful and influential brands.  Today, big names like Kanye West and Rhianna are making their way into top positions in the fashion industry – but do…

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