China’s Fashion Capitals

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The fashion industry in China is one of the biggest markets in the world – this could be because, unlike every other country, China has three fashion capitals, not just one. When you think of a fashion-forward country you automatically think of the city that’s centered around fashion-  Paris for France, London for England, New York City for America, and so on.  In China, fashion isn’t only in one location, it’s in Guangzhou, Beijing, and most importantly, Shanghai. The fashion industry has undergone such tremendous change in the past decade and is continuing to expand at an exceptional rate. Each of these cities offers something unique to China’s fashion industry.


Guangzhou has hundreds of different wholesale markets for various products. This city is famous for its fabric, garments, leather, and electronics. Guangzhou also serves as a distribution center for traders in south of China and the whole world and is one of the…

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