Déboutonner la Mode – Les Arts Decoratifs

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Les Arts Décoratifs is currently holding an exhibition called Déboutonner la Mode, which is an extraordinary collection of over 3,000 buttons and accessories by well known designers and artists of the late 19th and early 20th century.  The exhibit shows how buttons were a discreet way of showing social status and style, as well as changes in fashion and society itself. Déboutonner la Mode reveals the history of the button, showing how it reflects the fashion and creativity of a period. Everything from buttons as pictures, the button industry, masculine style, the Art Nouveau movement and even patriotic buttons are showcased chronologically.

One does not realize the historical importance of the button until visiting Déboutonner la Mode. The exhibit starts during the time of the late 1800’s and takes us through the 20th century, when buttons started appearing on ankle boots, gloves, and undergarments. Materials like glass, leather, wood, ceramic, pearls, gold…

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