John Galliano Street Style | PFW 2015

Street style of PFW, I’ve noticed, is a huge thing. It’s as if people plan weeks in advance what they’re going to wear to each show to attract the attention of photographers, journalists, and bloggers. The press all linger outside before, during, and after the show waiting for the next original ensamble to catch their eye. I’ll admit, I was part of the lingering crowd outside at Paris Fashion Week and I don’t regret it. It’s actually kind of a circus. I witnessed people and dogs used as accessories, fellow lingerers dressed absurdly just to grab photographer’s attention, and of course, celebrities and fashion influencers running away (or toward) the press. Observing the street style outside John Galliano’s show was definitely worth it since there was a huge crowd and big fashion names like Grace Coddington and Anna dello Russo entering the building. John Galliano attracts an audience!

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