Agnès B | PFW 2015

Located at Palais de Tokyo’s ‘Yoyo’ center, the Agnès B show was a tough one to put my finger on. With an elevated rectangle runway and a stage, the show started with two a-cappella singers (who sang wonderfully) and afterwards a live band played for the remainder of the show. It was the first PFW show I’ve been to with live performances. As for the designs, there were a lot of bohemian styles, but it also seems like Agnès was mixing in some street wear as well. There was no corresponding color palette  throughout the collection, so it was a bit confusing on what her real inspiration was. Fabrics like leather, cotton, and knits were used the most, but there were random dashes of nylon, polyester, and denim used as well. Patterns were also all over the place: we saw animal print, flannel, one sparkled garment piece. What exactly was her direction? Regardless, there were definitely a few stand-out pieces and an overall European feel. The models, of all different shapes and ages, would stop on each side of the rectangle runway to show off the garments in a fun flirty way. After the show, the audience was treated to an open bar of champagne to encourage mingling – we definitely took advantage of that!


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