Valentin Yudashkin | PFW 2015

Unforgettable is the only word that comes to mind. I have to admit, I had never heard of Valentin Yudashkin before, but after receiving an invitation to his 2015 Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week show, he is now engraved in my brain – and not because I was sitting across the runway from Anna Dello Russo. I fell in love with the collection. The location set the scene with Hôtel Westin’s Amber Room filled with magnificent chandeliers, gold & red wall decor, and historic mirrors, all of which perfectly reflected the chic and sophisticated look of Yudashkin’s garments. The show started off with velvet suits and trousers, but gradually took on more extravagance as we started to see gold-plated sweatshirts and baroque detailing. His influence strung from the history of the Amber Room, back when it was destroyed in World War II. Towards the end of the show, this influence took effect as gowns with incredible embroidery of antler-shaped appliqués, feather volume, and dashes of sequins came down the runway. The gowns had a lot of detailing but not in an excessive way – and I definitely caught myself staring at the magic of it all. The gowns are what I loved most about the entire presentation and it’s how Yudashkin’s name became engraved in my mind. It was the perfect way to end the show, as it started with 70’s silhouettes and finished with more modernized forms. Bon travail, Valentin!


Pictures by: Natalia Sanchez

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