Easter Sunday at Notre Dame

I’ve been away from home during Easter weekend for years now. Occasionally there would be a year where I could go home and spend the weekend with family, but rarely does that happen. Usually I would go to church with my mom & brother after waking up to a large Easter basket and later we would have a delicious dinner. This year, considering I’m studying in Paris, I wasn’t able to spend the weekend with family. As a way to pay tribute to this holiday, I promised my mom I would attend mass. What better place to go than Notre Dame!? Sure it’s crowded with tourists and there’s a huge queue to get in, but I couldn’t think of a better place. Also, as someone who speaks very little French, I didn’t really know what was going on, but I got the jist of it since Catholic churches internationally organize mass the same way. It was a beautiful mass, and even though I didn’t understand the priests, I was fully enjoying the scenery and extravagance of the cathedral. Mass can be enjoyed at Notre Dame on any Sunday – not just Easter – but since it was a Catholic holiday, it was much more meaningful. I’m blessed to be in Paris!

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