Dries Van Noten | Men’s Fashion Week SS 2016

A lipstick-kissed invitation was the first clue towards Dries Van Noten‘s 1950’s/Marilyn Monroe runway. The show began with the playing of Marilyn’s voice and suddenly we saw her face everywhere – shorts, suits, bomber jackets, the list goes on. The last piece shown in the collection was a poncho with her visage emblazoned across it. But Ms. Monroe wasn’t the only iconic inspiration behind the garments, Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí influenced the designs as well. Schiaparelli’s work was echoed through the embroidered lobsters, leopard print, and palm trees seen on coats, sweaters, and high-waisted trousers, garments of which resembled a synonymous color palette. At the same time, the voice of Dalí chattered away in the background as the Surrealism/Dadaism collection was exposed.

There are a few things we can take away from this collection: 1. Embroidered bomber jackets are definitely going to be seen everywhere come Spring 2016, especially since it’s been spotted on the Valentino and Louis Vuitton runway. 2. Van Noten is offering leopard print separates – men better embrace their feminine side! 3. Mixing Hollywood with the works of Dalí, Schiaparelli, and Van Noten creates impressive couture designs.

With the male-models lined up down the runway, the show concluded with a pop and burst of confetti. They even stayed in formation until the entire audience left allowing photographers, buyers, and other guests to take pictures and get a closer look at the prints and embroidery – or for some, selfies with the models was a priority. Dries Van Noten knows how to please his audience: the show started with cocktails and ended with a glam finale, what more can you ask for?

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