Shanghai World Jewelry Expo | 2015

Shanghai World Jewelry Expo 2015

Gemstones, pearls and finished jewelry from countries all over the world made up the whole of the 2015 Shanghai World Jewelry Expo this past weekend. Jewelry designers and other individuals were able to purchase gem stones for their own creation or already designed beautiful pieces for a low price. The event was one to enjoy because – aside from hours of playing with gem stones and trying on jewelry – visitors were give a voucher for a free gift, which was a set of chopsticks and a spoon with beautifully painted lilac detailing. As we received our gift, we noticed a ‘wechat’ competition happening where if you add the Jewelry Expo on wechat and then shake your phone to connect with them, you have a chance of winning a gift. (FYI: wechat is the largest messaging app in the world created by the Chinese). As it turns out, everyone was a winner! I couldn’t even get my phone to connect but I was still given a gift! The gift is a pretty yellow beaded bracelet that immediately joined the collection on my wrist. It was good to network with the vendors, who taught us a lot about different stones and where they were from, plus – it was free to get in!

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