Inés Fresedo – A Medical Accident | SHFW SS’16

Inés Fresedo made a medical accident look chic during her Shanghai Fashion Week show on Wednesday, especially with the show opener of a not-so-stable, highly medicated man stumbling down the runway. The presentation was divided into four sections: broken, illusion, revive, and repair to show a man’s capability to resurrect after being demoralized. The collection as a whole included knits, pleated garments, and asymmetrical hemlines with a very minimalist color palette including black, white, and a printed blue. What would normally be seen as medical supplies, Inés sees as accessories with her own twist. A medical face mask, arm cast, and bandaged ear (as an ear cuff) were used as an outfit add-ons throughout the collection, as well as makeup resembling cracked or broken skin. The shoes were spectacular and unique with their geometrical shapes and irregular heels – but definitely made one wonder how the models were able to walk in them! These can definitely be categorized under Popsugar and Fashionista’s top shoes of SS’16 fashion week. Models were also seen barefoot or seen wearing a chic metallic version of hospital slippers. The show concluded with a doctor carting a hospital bed down the runway with a broken watermelon as his patient, the symbolism of this was unclear, but overall the show was an original success!  Inés Fresedo’s designs will definitely be seen again come Spring 2016.


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