Just for Tee x Pepsi | SHFW SS’16

Just for Tee’s Shanghai Fashion Week show on Friday, in cross collaboration with Pepsi, was inspired by a simple shirt – everything from the collar to the pattern and fabric. Designer Badwn Cheung told StyleTV that he wanted to “resist the usual seriousness of wearing a shirt”. Collars were found on waistlines, hips, and worn as shoes. Sleeves were worn upside down with the cuff at the wrist and the sleeve connecting to the bottom of a skirt (immobile hands pretty much), and an oversized sweater was turned into a skirt. Pinstripes and suit lapels were widely and creatively used giving many garments a traditional tuxedo-inspired look. With the color palette resembling the collaboration with Pepsi, red, white, and blue were the main colors used, which gave a very circus and joker-esque feel to the show. At the same time, the drapery of the garments were stunning with the way the dresses flowed and moved with the models. Just for Tee’s spring/summer 2016 collection is highly androgynous as the silhouettes seemed to be designed for women and men – male models were seen in crop tops and skirts, while the females were seen in oversized vests and trousers.

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