Feng Chen Wang | Shanghai Fashion Week 2016

Feng Chen Wang’s Spring Summer 2016 collection was interesting to say the least, with “Life and Love” as the main concept. The show started with an army of models spelling out the life & love words in neon light, fueled by an IV pack. The whole medical concept seems to be trending this season, as we saw in Inés Fresedo’s show. Wang’s collection, from the silhouettes to the colors, reminded me of an all grown up version of the Ninja Turtles. Dark green and black were mainly used with nylon and some velvet fabrics. Irregular oversized backpacks were the most interesting part of the collection. One backpack closely resembled a turtle’s shell, another was an enormous version of a leather fold-over sack, and one was a jacket hanging from the shoulders made into a useable bag – all of which were pretty amusing! White was also a popular color and zippers were seen in unlikely places including the chest, chins, and panels on vest jackets. An intriguing part of the show was the use of only one female model among all male models. Could she be representing the androgyny of the collection? Or is Wang trying to send a different message? There were a lot of great pieces in the show that are sure to be seen worn next season. Other garments were somewhat questionable but that’s what fashion is all about – creativity and art. I especially adored the shirts with LOVE embossed across it, or the pieces with sheer letters L, O, V, or E on it. Feng Chen Wang’s concept was greatly appreciated – especially when we got to take home a piece of the collection, Life & Love army green socks.

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