Zhang Yuhao | Shanghai Fashion Week SS’16

23 year old Zhang Yuhao‘s spring/summer 2016 collection during Shanghai Fashion Week resembled someone who’s “a little weird, a little crazy, a little out of control, but also a little cute”, the press release states. The concept surrounds youth, but mostly a good girl who one day faces her surrounding environment and unleashes her true self. The makeup and hair of the models summed this concept up pretty well with their uneven bob-cut and skunk-like hairstyle and an X tape over their mouth. Layering, denims, and a splash of high saturated colors including pink, fluorescent green, and an electric blue made up the lot of this collection. Including accented metallics, zippers, and cinched fabrics. The layering involved fitted jeans with four/five-sizes-too-big denims over it and suspenders to help keep them in place. Crop tops or crop jackets were thrown in the mix and the denims sometimes included a leg sleeve with ripped detailing, or one shorter than the other, or one a different color than the other. Long coats were sporting lengthy color-contrasting straps throughout the silhouette or had sleeves featuring a cinched or uncinched element. Side note – I realized that long oversized sleeves seem to be a trend circulating throughout the SHFW collections for next season, including Yuhao’s. Meanwhile, every model had on black or metallic platform shoes, similar to the ones already seen in the previous collections of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, and even Stella McCartney. Noticeable ready to wear pieces were spotted many times down the runway, making it known that you don’t have to be out of control or crazy to wear Zhang Yuhao.


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