Tarik Ediz | S/S 2016 Collection

Tarik Ediz showed off his signature couture evening gowns during his show at Shanghai Fashion Week S/S 2016. The collection seemed to be presented on a ROY G BIV color scale: starting with reds and pinks, then easing into dark colors like purple, green, and blue, & ending with neutrals of black, beige, and white. Solid colors, sequins, and lace detailing were the entirety of the collection, with no prints or multicolored ensembles. The simplicity added to the elegance of the gowns, but the lace detailing on them is what held the spotlight. Some of the bodices of the dresses were either complete lace or sequins appliqué; one of which included what looked like a collared shirt made of pure lacework and shine. Other gowns had beautiful detailing on the back, especially the fabric drapery, with fabrics of velvet, silk, and satin. One of my favorite features were the bat-wing sleeves, shown on two gowns, made of tassels and beads. This aspect that adds stylishness to a simple gown, without over-doing it. Overall the collection was chic and had incredible elements, which is also seen in the other works of Tarik Ediz.

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