WMWM’s South African Barbershop & Salon | SS ’16

WMWM Studio calls it the South African Township barbershop and salons effect: a collection made of irregular sleeves, boxy silhouettes, and corn-row braids – the whole of Mushroom Song’s Spring Summer 2016 fashion show during Shanghai Fashion Week. It is described as the Unisex Salon – the collection featured men and women in similar styles either sporting a barber hair cut or slick-back hair, wearing a monochrome palette with only a small splash of blue and peach color here and there. The garments represented spiritual, minimalist, and neutral styles of oversized silhouette cuts to resemble elements of street protests in South Africa. It was also the first time WMWM added color to the otherwise black & white based brand. The irregularity of the sleeves were amazing with sleeveless shoulders and covered biceps or forearms on jumpsuits, dresses, and tops. Unusual pockets were also thrown in, with only one black pocket featured under the breast of a white jacket, while a black jacket had an invisible pocket aspect – a hole where the pocket should be. Excessive pleats and layering, as well as cocoon coats, wide-leg pants, and extra-long sleeves, added to the dramatic, street style elements of the garments. The collection was purely androgynous and Mushroom Song profoundly highlighted the South African barbershop culture. Her reputation in mainland China will continue to successfully grow, especially since WMWM is sold in the well-known department store, Lane Crawford.



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