MOODBOX Spring/Summer 2016 | Shanghai Fashion Week

MOODBOX is a designer brand established by Xu QIN, which in Chinese means “Mood”. Just as its name, the brand is a box of mood that every collection comes from a real story. Xu QIN hopes to design her collections in different angles and by doing this she gives her brand with the conception of “One Dress in More Styles”, you can wear a single garment in many different ways to suit different occasions.” — Shanghai Fashion Week

Before the Spring Summer 2016 show started, a great musical performance was given by the designer’s friend using just her voice and her ukulele (her name unfortunately unknown), which gave a preview of what was to come. The collection seemed to use a great deal of unique patterns consisting of complimentary colors, mostly green and red. Halter tops, fringes, and open back shirts seemed to be the highlight of most garments and accessories. Each female model was rocking the same bob-cut hairstyle as Xu QIN herself. In the accessories department, round sunglasses, Peter Pan necklaces, large clutches resembling fresh-cut grass, and 5-inch long tassel earrings were paired with the clothing. MOODBOX also brought back the style we all wore as a child – colorful socks with heels. The shoes were sophisticated and simple (just my type); black heels with fringes, chic flats with straps (my personal favorite), and peep-toe platform wedged heels.

The versatile garment the designer is known for was seen in a piece that came down the runway originally as (what looked like) a dress with a connected shawl draped over the arms, but was turned into a long simple skirt just by swiftly moving the fabric off the shoulders. Many pieces were gorgeous beige and black lightweight gowns, perfect for summer weather. The unique patterns of the collection contained gingham checkers, geometric shapes and thick horizontal stripes. As for silhouettes, some were oversized striped suits with deep v-neck blazers, sheer button-up blouses, tunics with circular flounce and empire sleeves, and below the knee dresses and skirts. Deep v-necks and halter tops were the most-seen neckline in the collection.  There were a couple male models sporting greatly patterned suits, long short-sleeved blazer jackets paired with nothing but underwear, and the typical button-up shirt with trousers.

The collection seemed to start off with evening wear of black lustrous garments and ended in the same way. In all, MOODBOX had some killer pieces in the collection that could be worn for the eccentric-type or the simple-type if paired with something more subtle. As for me, I would kill for their shoe collection and that beige lightweight dress I previously mentioned.

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