Nick Graham | SS’17 Men’s Presentation

Nick Graham’s New York Fashion Week menswear presentation for spring/summer 2016 was one of the most upbeat and carefree shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Models were smiling and dancing down the runway as a light breeze swayed the surrounding palm trees. The band, Cubanoson, played Rumba music while the emcee announced each model’s home country as they entered wearing Graham’s latest creations. The models were from all over the world and they were all celebrating the time of Havana in the 1950’s.

Nick Graham’s collection took cue from this time period, with his signature post-prep trademark of course. Havana, in the 1950’s, was where Americans would come and party like they couldn’t in the United States. It was the go-to place for gangsters, mobsters, and royalty alike who would gloriously party at the Tropicana Club. Once the Cuban Revolution came and Havana fell, Americans resorted to Vegas, along with showgirls and everything else that came with it. Graham recreated this time period with garments of lightweight linens, seersuckers, checkered madras sports coats and graphic tropical prints. Camouflage was also seen in blazers and accessories to represent the impending revolution.

“The collection is fresh, sexy and has a subtle undertone. Cuba’s famed Tropicana Club was the perfect inspiration point to bring the collection to life,” says Graham. The show concluded with models standing on platforms over the runway as Frankie Grande and multiple showgirls took center stage. Nick Graham perfectly mirrored this time period while adding his own artistic twist; the ambiance and liveliness of the show brought us all back to Havana in 1950.

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