Feng Chen Wang | Men’s SS’17 NYFW Presentation

As someone who saw Feng Chen Wang’s presentation for the Spring/Summer 2016 season in Shanghai, China, I must say Ms. Wang has a very distinct aesthetic, which is represented in various ways from season to season. For Spring/Summer 2017, she explores the idea of today’s habits of meeting and connectivity. These ideas are illustrated with looped cables that run through the openings of garments, manipulating their structure, or otherwise connecting them to one-another in tangled knots.

The color palette consists of a clinical white, a cold grey, and a crisp navy, which denote technology, and some garments are fiery orange representing warmth. Models, who were positioned on the windowsills of VFILES, had a glowing shade of amber paint on parts of the body that relate to meeting: on the ear, the mouth, and the hands. Some clothing had the words “YOU” and “WE” emblazoned across the chest and down the arms in 3D fabric letters, expressing the aloneness and togetherness we feel with today’s online platforms. Wang used clothing as a metaphor for the bizarre ways people’s paths cross in the digital age: through swipe, poke, or double-tap.

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