Namilia “You’re just a Toy” SS’17 Runway Manifesto

Namilia designers, Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, centered their Spring/Summer 2017 collection around hardcore fetish-wear, celebrating the deviant and the freakish. “Your just a Toy” stemmed from turning boys into playthings and reversing the patriarchal concept of female sexualisation and objectification. This idea was shown through provocative looks made up of chains and leather, cone-shaped bras and corsets, and latex fabric and face masks.


Biblical and pop-culture references were exposed on capes and shirts; one of which had Justin Bieber’s face photoshopped onto Christ’s body with “Beliebers” written under it. Another look had him photoshopped onto the body of Adam in a graphic t-shirt of Adam and Eve. Zayn Malik was additionally used in graphics as well. Oh, and not to mention Donald Trump – who is clearly not favored by Nan or Emilia (or the rest of the fashion industry, for that matter) – since a t-shirt dress with stars and stripes had “Take Down Trump” largely written across it.


Aside from the religious and political indications, the collection reinterpreted the rebellious and sexual codes of punks and goth. A ripped patchwork denim dress was paired with a cone-shaped bra and a latex face mask, while another look was complete with a crop-top sweater and underwear with chains hanging down to the ankles. Entirely pushing the boundaries of fashion and societal norms, the presentation gave off a freaky S&M vibe with controversial messages conveyed throughout. Namilia’s idea was to free yourself from the common rules of decency and let your inner most fantasies run free.

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